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Self Love: The Ongoing Journey - Discussion w/ Amber Stone

Join Amber Stone as she leads one of her "Food For the Soul" discussions at Rhapsody Art Gallery and Studio. Relax and take in an inspirational session with Fort Wayne's own Amber Stone. Rhapsody Studio will be providing painting supplies to use during this event. $10 door admission. A note from Amber: 

"I believe a big misunderstanding in life is that the self love journey is a one time deal. The self discovery journey I’ve been on these last 7 years, has taught me that the path to ones authentic self is a constant process. Life will show up to throw curveballs and lessons, but we always have to make sure we’re whole and thriving within ourselves to conquer situations, or break patterns that we continue to repeat. Food for the Soul will be an open discussion for women to connect with themselves, and other women. A safe space to share thoughts and feelings on what triggers you on a regular basis. During our discussions we will also be working with a hands on project. Nothing more soothing for the soul then self expression through emotions. Feel free to bring your ladies and hopefully spark some inspiration! Plus, every woman will walk away with a little gift from me to you. Hope to see you on March 30th!