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3 Day Screen Printing Course With Artist Leigha VandeZande of Vandi Art

Learn from local artist Leigha VandeZande of Vandi Art in this class! Beginner-Experienced artists are welcome. In this class, Leigha will spend the entire time working with each student as they explore creating their unique brand or design they will be using throughout this 3-Day Course, as well as creating their own screen to print with.

By the end of this course, you will know how to design your own logo and graphics and print them onto shirts and bags! 

Day 1: Design & Screen Prep (June 3rd) 2pm-6pm

During our first class, we will work on a design to turn into a screen print. We will discuss what makes a good design in this medium and what the limitations there are. We will work on paper, making a plan for our screen. Feel free to bring reference photos and any design ideas with you!

Students in this class will work on creating their own design and building their screen they will be printing with.

In this class, we will build our screen from scratch, similar to stretching a canvas. Using drawing fluid we will then paint our design onto the screen. This has to cure until our next class. 

This class will be 4 hours long and is Day 1 of 3 Courses.

The next course will be on June 24th and will be about filling negative space in designs with screen filler.

Rhapsody Art Gallery is providing appetizers and beverages for this class. This class is for ages 18 and over.

Day 2: Screen Filler Course 2 Of 3 With Leigha Vandezande of Vandi Art (June 24th) 2pm-5pm

This important step will finish up your screens and make them ready for printing in the following class!

After our design has been painted in drawing fluid, the negative space will be filled with screen filler. This part of the process must cure until our next class.

Day 3: Printing Your Designs! (July 6th) 6pm-9pm

With the last part of the screen making process complete, we will learn the techniques of printing. Please bring in any items you would like to print on. Suitable items include:



tea towels,

tote bags

wood and anything flat.

All inks and other materials will be provided.

One Ticket is For All Three Courses!

Tickets available here: