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Amy Sedaris Five Dollar Crafts and Drafts on Tap

I'm not gonna lie. We've been waiting to throw this event our whole lives.

Here it is. We love Amy Sedaris like Seal loves a kiss from a rose on a grave.

We want to craft with you.

This is not fine art. It's crafts.

If we are being really transparent we would even say that this book is what started Hali and Tricia's art careers.

A bad divorce gave birth to buying this book as a distraction. The crafting from her books was the gateway drug to what would ultimately become our lives as artists.

But in the end, it's about Amy Sedaris and her irreverence towards normalcy, all things expected, unglittered and expensive. This is crafting for poor people and it's brilliant.

Get ready to make and take crafts. I. E. Jesus matchstick holders, macaroni and bean art, masks of the world.

If you don't like these ideas, we don't care and we will be at Rhapsody on the 19 Crafting with or without you.

Cash bar. Open Hearts. Glitter Sticks. See you there.

*If you purchased tickets for the last Amy night and you were unable to attend due to the weather, you may use those for this event.