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The Push Pull Drag Em In SALE! : A Caffeinated Happy Hour Event

Spring is here, friends! Finally! TIme to dust off the old and bring in the fresh and new into your home.

We've been waiting to host this event for a whole year! 

It's the first ever PUSH EM DRAG EM PULL EM IN EVENT at Rhapsody! 

What does it all mean?! 

On May 25 from the hours of 2pm-7pm bring us your worst art.

We hear all the time. "I can't buy new art, my walls are already full!"

Well, we both know it's not all great stuff on our walls, right?! So we thought, why not have you bring in your least favorite, the absolute worst piece of art you have in your home and we will give you a discount on replacing that horrible dusty old thing on your walls with something beautiful from our store! 

This will be a celebration of bringing in the new and out with the old. And if you know Hali, Justin and I, you know we adore really bad art almost as much as the really good stuff. 

Make our day with bringing us your worst piece of art and we will give you 20% off of any print or original painting in our store! 

Pretty Sweet, right? 

This will also be your last chance to snag an original painting of John S. Gruse from us so feel free

to come even if you don't have bad art to share!

Cash Bar all day

Free Coffee all day

All Ages

Workshop demos all day and GIVEAWAYS 


*Remember it's 20% off of one item and one discount per customer