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Ron Swanson Five Dollar Crafts and Drafts Night

We want to craft with you!

 It's a night of celebrating a man who hates to be celebrated.

This is not fine art. It's crafts. 

 This night is about Ron Swanson and his irreverence towards the government, his love for America and building crap with your bare hands. 

This is crafting for the people and it's about time you made things. 

Get ready to make and take crafts. I. E. build your own chair, bean art, bacon and eggs koozies, bird houses... the essentials.. 

If you don't like these ideas, we don't care and we will be at Rhapsody on August 1 Crafting with or without you. 

Cash bar. Bacon Cookies.  

$5 entry fee gets you unlimited crafts for the night