Saying Goodbye to the Fort Wayne 05 neighborhood. New Beginnings and How we ended up here.

Hey Friends,

I hesitated to start blogging on here because let’s face it who enjoys the long musings of a long-winded blogger? It’s so irritating to be on Pinterest and “Susan” is rambling on and on about her kiddo being allergic to cheese and you just want the freaking recipe, Susan! Well, if you have met me in person then you know I have a natural talent for cutting through BS and I am incapable of small talk. Which I think that’s true of all people who have been knocked about life a few times which let’s face it is most of us these days. (Ok ok I know dangerously close to cheese allergy territory on that one.)

I sat today and thought about the last two years we have been in business and this wild ride of owning a gallery that none of the Rhapsody crew (all three of us) thought we would be on. We started out thinking like most entrepreneurs do at the start with thing like setting a solid business plan, finding a target audience, making a game plan ….money etc and we found out a few key things. 1. Just throw most of your plans into the garbage because the public will run with the parts of your business that they connect with. 2. The best things in life are free. We are so rich in friendships gained because of this gallery. 3. Don't ever listen to the people who tell you “it won’t work” unless it’s your momma and your accountant. And even then def give em the side eye and do it anyway if you know that it WILL work and you are going to kick so much Orange to get there.

We kept hearing that this idea of our’s wouldn’t work and so we decided to poll almost every customer who stepped into our store and ask them why Fort Wayne IN is so sure an art gallery wouldn’t work and what they would like us to provide to them in the way of art and music education and art shows. We found out a few interesting things and most of them we started to see for ourselves. Part of the problem the public expressed was the disconnect between ages of artists in the art scene and the “I am an island” mentality. So we set a course to bring the young guns and the old souls together. So we did things like pair the two artists the young gun and the old soul together for art shows. Anyway.. Yes it worked and yes fun was had by all. We continued to ask the public questions and engage them. We found this methodology more effective than business plans and spreadsheets. Got it. People are the answer and getting to know them in a real way is the key to success. I say I say. Also we cannot state enough the importance of bonding with other small businesses and how important it is to support each other ALWAYS.

So year three is almost here, our business plan looks different than we thought ha and we are so excited to move onto the next chapter. Our lease was coming up on our current space and we had to make a decision. Should I stay or should I go now…. and we’ve been asked why are we leaving the NA Corridor.

It’s pretty simple. Money and time.

The current space we are in is getting increasingly expensive in the way of what they call in commercial real estate CAM fees or Common Area Maintenance Fees. They are triple what we started out with and so we have lost a lot of business in our mall and it has affected our foot traffic day to day. Plus its just a super bummer to not have as many businesses around us anymore. Reason two. Which is most important to us is that all three of us the own rhapsody are artists ourselves and desire to have more time to make art and music.

All clear! Woot!

Some changes are a comin’. We are moving into our new space and throwing a big fancy party on November 9 of this year. Check our schedule it will be GOOD TIMES INDEED!

SO the other announcement that started this blogging thing is that we will be sending out a monthly news letter for all of you that are signed up to our newsletter. (Its easy to do and on our front page of our website) . The newsletter will not only give you info on our upcoming events and shows but will be linked to ur blog and featuring some very good info on our most asked art questions, opinion pieces by other local artists and much more. Yay!

We hope you hang tight with us during or move and I hope I wasn’t being too much of a “Susan”

on here. If you have questions or topics you are interested in being covered as an artist or as a patron please email us at

Thank you for making our dream come true. We are firm believers in paying it forward. We love you all.

Tricia Cavender

“not Susan”

Here’s a photo of our beautiful new building. We will post the progress as we move Rhapsody into the crazy gorgeous Fairfield Manor.